Meatless Monday is looking for a few good teens!

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By: Rachel


Surely, you’ve heard about Meatless Monday by now! In case you haven’t—Meatless Monday is a terrific campaign that aims to get people starting out each new week with one meat-free day. We mention it a lot in The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian because it’s a stress-free, low-commitment way to move toward a more plant-based diet (and a totally non-threatening way for your parents and others to see that meat-free meals are really no big deal, not to mention pretty delicious).


It’s no secret that I love Meatless Monday.


So, I’m beyond psyched to announce that The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian is partnering with Meatless Monday to appoint the first ever Meatless Monday Teen Ambassadors.


Are you passionate about getting people to try out Meatless Monday? Do you live for seeing more plant-based meals on menus at restaurants and in your school cafeteria? Can you go on and on about the benefits of eating a little more veggies and a little less meat? If so, you may be just the right fit for the Meatless Monday Teen Ambassador program.


We’re looking for teenagers who are:

·      Middle or high school students

·      Outgoing and willing to talk to adults and other students about starting Meatless Monday

·      Organized, responsive and willing to stay in touch with the Meatless Monday team


If you qualify to become Meatless Monday Teen Ambassador, you’ll be sent an official welcome letter, the official Teen Ambassador logo, and the Meatless Monday team will hook you up with all the resources you’ll need to get started!


Here’s what you’ll do as a Meatless Monday Teen Ambassador:


·      Work with your school to start Meatless Monday in the cafeteria

·      Encourage other students to participate in Meatless Monday by talking about the health and environmental benefits

·      Talk to local restaurants about starting Meatless Monday

·      Promote local Meatless Monday programs through social media

·      Participate in a regular coalition call with the Meatless Monday team and other teen ambassadors


To apply to be a Meatless Monday Teen Ambassador, first talk it over with your parents and ask them to send a short email to with the following information:


·      Your name

·      Name of your school

·      Why you think you’d be an excellent Meatless Monday Teen Ambassador


Post in the comments below if you have any questions.